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Record and Track Customer Sources

Where do your customers come from?

Knowing where your customers come from is vital information to running your business.

Make sure your staff is recording this information in a way you can easily measure and use to make business decisions!


Are you seeing the this pop up?



Here’s how to get rid of it! 

From the TVP, click on the large gear button in the upper right hand corner > click Customer Sources tab in upper left hand side

From the Dashboard, click on Myshop in the upper right hand corner > click Customer Sources tab in upper left hand side

You will see your customer sources we have detected from your POS listed here. Each source needs to be mapped to a category. To do this, click the Edit button and select the Category


If none of the available categories fit your needs, you can create up to 4 custom options. Enter the name of the category, then press Submit.


Once you have either mapped or deleted all customer sources, press the Customer Source Mapping done button. This will stop the pop up from showing again!

When a customer’s name flashes, it means that no customer source has been detected for this customer. If you did NOT enter the source in your POS, you can do so by clicking on the customer’s name. AutoVitals will detect sources entered in the POS.

Once you click the customer’s flashing name, you will be able to enter the source.


To run a report to see your customer sources, go to your Dashboard > Report Center > More Reports


Select the month you would like to view the report for > Select How did your customers hear about you? > Download Excel


Current Process

In the paper-based process, your staff has no visual reminder to collect the customer source at drop off. This makes it harder to enforce the procedure to always ask for the source.

Lack of clear reports makes it time consuming to track customer sources and make business decisions based on data difficult to do.

Best Practice

As a best practice, always ask your customer at Vehicle Drop off how they heard about you. Document this in your POS and AutoVitals will detect it. If not, the customer’s name will flash on the TVP and you can enter the source manually this way.



It will be very difficult for you to make informed decisions about how to spend your time and money on marketing and retention efforts without diligently collecting and tracking your customer sources. Invest the time to train your staff to get in the habit of always asking “how did you hear about us?” so that you can make the best decision possible regarding how to spend your money.

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