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OEM Service Recommendations Tailored to the Odo

Through our partnership with Identifix we have enabled the display of the Service Recommendations directly related of the current odometer of the vehicle in the shop. If the odometer is yet unknown the calculated odometer is used, which is the last visit’s odometer plus the annual mileage based driving difference to the last visit.

To activate the OEM recs go to the Inspection settings and switch on the Feature

oem servcie recs



Techs and Service Advisor see the same information (Images below)

Note that hovering over the info double link will reveal more information.

oem recs tabletOEM recs TVP v2

Current Process

In the previous process, all OEM service recommendations were shown in the fixed service interval given by the OEM and the user had to visually select the right one(s).

Best Practice
  • Go to the Inspection Settings and switch on the OEM Recs feature

oem servcie recs


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