How to Manage Motorists' Expectations

Managing your customers' expectations improves the experience of the customer, increases their likelihood to return back to your shop and cuts down on the number of "is my car ready yet" calls your shop receives. Watch the following training series to learn how to use appointment reminders, the drop off conversation and workflow notifications to keep your customers informed on whats happening with their vehicle.

Part 1 – Getting Started

This training series will help you manage customer expectations in your shop. Proactive and efficient communication with the motorist increases approval rates, reduces the amount of “is my car ready yet” calls your shop receives, and reduces customer anxiety giving them a better experience in your shop.

Before beginning the training series, makes sure you have your Today’s Vehicle Page up and that you are in workflow view. Additionally, create a test vehicle as a new work order in your Point-of-Sale and

  • Set the customer name to “Blue Steel”
  • Put your cell phone number for the phone number
  • Copy and paste WMWSU3C50CT541264 and use this as the VIN #
  • Create a labor line: inspection
  • Do not assign a technician in your point of sale



Part 2 – Appointment Reminders & the Drop Off Conversation

Learn how the Drop Off conversation begins before the customer even walks in the door with appointment reminders.

To access the AutoVitals’ Drop Off Script click here!

Part 3 – Reviewing Service History

Part 3 covers how to review the service history of a customer’s vehicle in order to have a meaningful drop off conversation.

How to review previous inspections with a customer at drop off:

  1. Go to Today’s Vehicle Page
  2. Click on the magnifying glass
  3. Click on “Service History and OEM Recs” to bring up past inspections
  4. Click on a previous inspection to review with the customer

Part 4 – Workflow Notifications


Learn how to keep your customers updated with workflow notifications to cut down on the number of “is my car ready yet” phone calls your shop receives.

To configure workflow notifications:

  1. Go to the Today’s Vehicle Page
  2. Click on the gear in the toolbar
  3. Click on “Inspections” on the lefthand side
  4. Click on “Customer Messages” on the righthand side
  5. Pick 3 workflow notifications you want to enable

To customize your workflow notifications:

  1. Click on “Enable Editing”
  2. Click on the pencil

Part 5 – Workflow Notifications from the Motorists’ Perspective

In part 5 find out what the workflow status notification looks like from the motorist’s end and how the motorist navigate this notification.

Part 6 – Next Steps

If you have any remaining questions, go to the Digital Shop Talk Facebook Forum to get quick feedback from the AutoVitals team and collaborate with other shop owners using AutoVitals. Additionally, your Digital Shop Team meetings will provide a collaborative environment to learn more about SmartFlow. To learn more about Digital Shop Teams click here.