How Motorists Educate Themselves

We live in an increasingly digital world where people are spending more and more time on their cell phones. This training series is designed to help you effectively communicate with, engage and educate your customers so that they will approve more work.

Part 1 – Getting Started

Today’s motorists increasingly educate themselves on the web and on their mobile devices. This training will educate you on how to increase the total amount of time your customers spend researching their inspections. The more time customers spend researching the inspection results you send them, the more likely they are to approve more work!

What you will be able to teach your staff after this training:

  1. The importance of reviewing inspection results with the customer
  2. The power of using pictures and videos in the inspection results
  3. Why those pictures and videos need to be edited to add emphasis to create engagement
  4. How to effectively review the inspection results with the customer

All you need for today’s training is:

  1. Your Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) open to your workflow view


Part 2 – Approval

In part 2 learn how the smartphone influences motorists decisions and how this creates unique opportunities and challenges in your shop. Today’s customers only have an attention span of about 8 seconds, so it is critical that your shop presents inspection results to the customer effectively. What behaviors and technologies influence your customers decision to buy?

Part 3 – Managing Motorist Expectations

Part 3 covers how to set motorists expectations at the Drop Off and the importance of pictures and videos in the approval step to increase job approval.

To review inspection results:

  1. Go to your workflow view
  2. Find a vehicle tile that has a magnifying glass icon and a number
    1. Feel free to use your test vehicle “Blue Steel” created from a previous training  
  3. Click on the magnifying glass icon
  4. Click on the the “Inspection Reports” tab
  5. Click on the “View” button
  6. Practice reviewing the inspection report as you would with your customer  

Part 4 – Inspection Research Time


In part 4 we review the best practices at the approval step and cover how to measure how long a customer spends researching the inspection results so you monitor how effective your pictures and videos are at creating engagement.  

Part 5 – What’s Next

In the final segment, learn about upcoming training opportunities. If you have any remaining questions, go to the Digital Shop Talk Facebook Forum to get quick feedback from the AutoVitals team and collaborate with other shop owners using AutoVitals.