SmartFlow Initial Boost Training Series

The following ten part series covers the fundamentals of performing a digital inspection with AutoVitals. Learn how to move a vehicle through the work flow steps, complete an inspection and send an inspection report to the customer.

Part 1 – Getting Started

These training videos are designed to be interactive so that you can get up and running with SmartFlow as soon as possible. Before beginning the series, make sure you have access to a technician tablet and that your Point of Sale and AutoVitals dashboard are both open so that you can follow along through the training series.

Additionally, if you have not already, make sure to watch the Technician Tablet Training Video before beginning this series. Click here to watch the Technician Tablet Training Video.

For today’s training you will need: 

  • Your Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) open
  • Your Point of Sale (POS) open
  • A tablet with your SmartFlow app open, logged onto your shop and assigned to a technician of your choice
  • Test vehicle “Blue Steel” created 

To begin the training series create a new work order in your Point-of-Sale and

  • Set the customer name to “Blue Steel”
  • Put your cell phone number for the phone number
  • Copy and paste WMWSU3C50CT541264 and use this as the VIN #
  • Create a labor line: inspection
  • Do not assign a technician in your point of sale


Part 2 – The Today’s Vehicle Page

Part 2 will help you understand the Today’s Vehicle Page, the Tech View Page and workflow view in AutoVitals. Additionally, learn what each of the markers on the vehicle tile mean. 

Part 3 – Assigning Work Orders to Technicians

To assign a vehicle to a technician in AutoVitals:

  • Go to your tech view
  • Drag and drop “Blue Steel” from the “No Tech” column to one of your technicians
  • If you assign Blue Steel to the technician that the tablet you are currently using is assigned to you will hear and audible alert and receive a pop up message on the tablet. 

Part 4 – Inspect

Once the vehicle has been assigned to a technician, it is time to begin the inspection. In part 4, we cover the basics of performing a digital inspection in AutoVitals. Learn how to take a vehicle profile picture, how to navigate the digital inspection sheet and how to mark conditions and actions.

Before moving to part 5, practice performing an inspection:

  • Open the inspection sheet on your tablet
  • To mark conditions as “good” click on “Topics”
  • To mark conditions as “not good” click on “Conditions and Actions”
  • Take inspection pictures and add notes by clicking on the camera icon
  • Click on the work order button to save the inspection

Part 5 – Marking the Job Complete

In part 5 you will learn how to mark a job as done and how to move vehicle tiles through the workflow.  

To move test vehicle “Blue Steel” from the Inspect to Estimate workflow step

  1. Go to your workflow view
  2. Move test vehicle “Blue Steel” from the “Inspect” workflow step to the “Estimate” step
    1. you can use the “drag and drop” technique
    2. or use the status drop down in the work order  

Part 6 – Estimate Building & Job Approval

After the vehicle is moved to the “Waiting for Approval” workflow step, your customer will automatically be sent a copy of the inspection of their vehicle. Learn how editing pictures and adding notes helps increase your approval rates by providing the customer with easy to understand information so that they can make an educated buying decision. 

How to edit a photo to add emphasis:

  1. Go to your workflow view
  2. Go to your test vehicle tile in the Estimate step
  3. Click on the magnifying glass
  4. Open up the “Inspection Report” tab  
  5. Click on the thumbnail of the picture you took
  6. Use circles, arrows and notes to add emphasis  

Part 7 – Sending Inspection Results

After the technician has completed the vehicle inspection, you will have the opportunity to review the inspection before it is sent out to the customer. In part 7, learn how to review the inspection to ensure that it is ready to be sent to the customer and how to text a copy of the inspection results to your customer.

To send an inspection to the customer:

  • Go to your workflow view page
  • Move your test vehicle from “Estimate” to “Approval” step
  • Review the inspection after receiving the pop up verification
  • If the inspection is complete and ready to send, click “OK”  
  • Then you will receive a text of your inspection  

Part 8 – Technician Buy In

We know that it can often be challenging to get your technician’s complete buy in to a new process. In part 8 we discuss why technicians and service advisors have grown apart and how to get your technicians to buy into the new process by showing them the value of being a Digital Shop.  

Part 9 – The Inspection Metrics Dashboard

In part 9 of this training series learn how you can effectively measure and monitor success in your shop to ensure that you are either meeting or exceeding your goals.

After you have finished this training webinar spend some time looking at your Inspection Metrics Report so that you can define your shops goals. To do this:

  • Go to the toolbar on your TVP
  • Click on Reports
  • Click on the “Inspection Metrics Report” link
  • Define your shops goals based on the data provided to you  


Part 10 – What’s Next

In the final segment of the Initial Boost Training Series, learn about upcoming training and engagement opportunities. If you have any remaining questions, go to the Digital Shop Talk Facebook Forum to get quick feedback from the AutoVitals team and collaborate with other shop owners using AutoVitals. Additionally, if you are having technical issues with AutoVitals you can report a problem directly from the tablet or Today’s Vehicle Page using the new “Help” button.