The focus of our latest app release is to provide additional robustness. To accomplish this we have added a quality of communication monitor and an alert for technicians if jobs are modified on the vehicle they are working on.


Quality of Communication Monitor

The quality of communication monitor allows tablet users to see if their tablet is having trouble communicating with AutoVitals which is typically caused by WiFi interference or faulty network hardware. This is displayed as a bar meter on the tablet screen. A poor connection can lead to various issues on the tablet such as photos taking a long time to upload, or a delay loading inspection sheets and worksheets. The monitor allows both tablet users and AutoVitals to detect communication issues proactively rather than waiting for an issue to occur and then troubleshooting to discover an issue with tablet communication.


Job Modification Alerts

Another new feature is alerts for technicians when jobs are modified on a vehicle they are currently working on. When a change is made an alert will appear and any modified or new jobs are highlighted. An audible alert will also be heard when enabled in the app settings menu.



What known issues are resolved in this update?

  • Mitigation: Due to iOS 9 bugs Apple is working to fix, certain functions in the app can become slow to respond if audible alerts are enabled or the iPad goes into sleep mode. We have made modifications which will mitigate the impact of the iOS 9 bugs so users do not experience slowness in the app.

  • Fix: Chat messages from the tablet might contain a link to a wrong vehicle on the TVP.

  • Fix: multiple measurements reappearing on the tablet data get mixed up

  • Fix: Occasional error message about storage space restrictions

  • Fix: Occasional duplicate clock-in requests on the tablet

  • Fix: No prompt for odometer after vehicle is opened upon audible alert.

  • Fix: ‘GO’ button on the iPad keyboard causes the app to close