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Possible Causes and How To Tackle Them 


There are many practices you can do to increase your ARO (average repair order). Similarly, when you are experiencing a low ARO, there could be many different causes as well. In this article, you will find the possible causes and how to tackle them with the help of your AutoVitals program and the analysis from the Business Control Panel (BCP).

All the BCP images below are from real shops with SmartFlow program. 

Low Inspection Rate & Inspection Send Rate 

In the BCP, select ARO as your Primary KPI and Inspection Rate & Inspection Sent as your Secondary KPIs. In this example, you can see a clear correlation of ARO and these two KPIs — the more inspection done and sent, the higher the ARO is.

                                                                                          Low Picture Editing Rate 

In the BCP, select ARO as your Primary KPI and picture editing as your secondary KPI. In this example, you can see that the ARO closely follows the trend of picture editing. 


Low Number Of Recommended Actions Per Vehicle 

In the BCP, select Average Billed Hours Per RO as your Primary KPI and secondary KPI. In this example, can you see that when more recommended actions are made, the Average Billed Hours Per RO is more as well? 

Set Clear Expectation Not Set At Drop-off 

Whether a clear expectation is set during drop-off can be reflected by the motorist research time. When the customer knows an inspection is on the way sometime during the visit, then he or she will be more likely to open it. Motorist research time is also a great indicator for whether the inspection reports make sense to the customer with the use of arrows, circles, and notes on the pictures. Motorist research time is your master indicator of all the possible causes mentioned above.

Next Steps 

Now that you have done the analysis and pain point discovery using your business control panel, what are your next steps and how can you hold your staff accountable? 

Assign Accountabilities Related To The Findings 

Assign tasks for yourself in the BCP related to the findings. Here are some tips for it: 1) Break down the tasks into small to do’s that can be easily and quickly implemented 2) Assign your staff tasks with realistic due dates. 3) Your business control panel (BCP) will help you stay on track by sending you automated alerts! 

 Audit Inspection Reports 

Audit Inspection reports at the “Creating Estimate” workflow step. Use the “View” button to see the customer facing view. 

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