Updates for TVP.X & AutoVitals.X

TVP.X 6.0.63

Product Enhancements

  • Added ability to extend Service Advisor timeout

    • From 30 min to 120 minutes

      • Each service advisor adjustment is independent: Go to Inspection Settings–> Inspection Tab –> Service Advisors –> Edit –> Select the appropriate radio button –> Click Ok

AutoVitals.X 6.1.15 (Tech App)

Product Enhancements

  • Image captions added to the image review

  • Audible alert added when the device is awake (alert sounds for about 2 seconds)

  • Pace summary on the home screen now accurately displays as positive or negative (+/-)

Bug Fixes

  • Camera optimizations & fixes

  • Chat optimizations & fixes

*unique bug fixes are announced in support tickets

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