SmartFlow ReportsKnow how to Focus your Spending Based on The Right Numbers!

Measure results, Analyze them, Adjust and Focus your Spending, Measure results, Analyze them, Adjust and Focus your Spending,……

You already know this effective way of using your money.

With our latest SmartFlow release it has become much easier to drill down to the right numbers, no matter whether your coach is asking for them or you want to tailor your spending on AdWords, Postcards, newsletters, screening phone calls etc.

If you have added our retention module to SmartFlow, you just go to your dashboard and click on “More Reports’ in the Report Center, then select the month you want to analyze and you will be able to download the report indicated in the image below.

Our retention customers have already a Google Docs account, so no additional Excel license is needed.

SmartFlow reports


Once uploaded to Excel or Google Spreadsheets, what information is available for more analysis? Check out the two images below giving you a quick overview:

The first image give you the key metrics for your retention spending. And as a bonus we not only take your service advisor’s word (“by customer source”) for who is a new customer, we also compare that with our analysis of who showed up in your database as a first time customer (“automatically detected”). This feature allows you to assess the accuracy of the data processed.

Retention scores

The remaining part of the report gives you a selection of business metrics (the image below shows Makes), which all are shown with the following attributes (compare the index of the bulleted list below with the number on the image below)

  1. Number of visits in the selected month as total
  2. Number of visits in the selected month as %
  3. Total number of new customers
  4. Total number of existing customers
  5. Total revenue per business metric
  6. Mark the top 3 earners for total revenue
  7. Average Repair Order Value (ARO)
  8. Mark the top 3 earners for ARO
  9. Rolling ARO for the last 12 months
  10. mark the top 3 earners for Rolling ARO
  11. Average number of visits for the last 12 months

make by revenue explanation

The following business metrics are listed and all have the same list of attributes as listed above.

  • Revenue by Make
  • Revenue by Model Year
  • Revenue by Zip code
  • Revenue by Mileage
  • Revenue distribution by ticket size

See below what great graphics can be created from those numbers in your Google Docs account! Contact your product or solution advisor for more details.

ARO by Odo ARO by Model Year SmartFlow Reports