TeE-Time inconsistenciesDetect and Correct Weird Looking TeE-Time Entries

There are sources of inconsistencies possible when using TeE – Time in conjunction with your Point of Sales Software (POS). A few POSs use database technologies from centuries ago where jobs are just text and can’t be identified uniquely. In normal mode that is not a big deal, but when you start moving jobs around on your work order, their identity is hard to track. Since TeE-Time not only looks at the end result in the POS database  but also tracks every single activity on the tablet, moving jobs around cannot always be detected properly. Another source of problems can be internet connectivity in the shop, when actions are missed.

In our effort to provide a robust solution we have built an inconsistency tracker into TeE-Time. It works very simply: Click the “Resolve Inconsistency” button in the upper right corner on your TeE-Time report page and the following pop-up is visible.


The following actions are enabled

  1. The drop down shows the automatically identified inconsistencies
  2. All jobs detected in the POS are listed and can be added to the TeE-Time activity log on the right.
  3. The activities detected by TeE-Time are listed and can be deleted.

This utility will make your life a lot easier.