Take it beyond RO Touch

Adding SmartFlowX to RO Writer turns your operation into a digital shop. Not only are ARO increases the inevitable results, the Retention rate will increase as well. The best of all: you can measure staff behavior to pinpoint exactly what changes need to be implemented to reach your goals. 

20% ARO increase with 100% guarantee, too good to be true?

ARO and Retention Rate will increase inevitably.

The use of SmartFlowX and RO Writer establishes a consistent Digital Standard Operation Procedure, which results in ARO and Retention rate increases of at least 20% each.

Below is an example , how a shop increased ARO by 33% and their weekly revenue by 59%.  

Inspection Results pushed to Work Order

Canned Jobs are key to pushing the Inspection Results to the WO

Declined Work from Inspections & Checklist Items are added to Reminders

Do you have impactful pics showing the problem area the declined work fill fix? 

Open/close WOs in SmartFlow. Simple.

Instead of walking back and forth between a PC and the vehicle, techs just us the tablet. We update automatically.

Techs' Recs become Jobs on the WO

The WO is auto-populated with all tech findings. On button press. Simple.

Techs Document Work Completion on Tablet

Service Advisors use the Today’s Vehicles Page to watch updates on the techs’ progress so they can start new work faster.

TeE-Times works like a breeze

Techs mark work, lunch, training and other unbilled hours on the tablet. The TeE-Time report documents Tech Productivity, Efficiency,  and Proficiency.

Inspections are Pushed to the Work Orders

Press a button on the SmartFlow Add-On in RO Writer and the Inspection Results appear on the Work Order

Whether you send the inspection with the work order or individually, your customers will approve work based on impactful pictures.

Techs’ Recs Appear on the Work Order

All Canned Jobs are imported to SmartFlow and can be added as recommended action. Once tapped by the tech they appear on the Work Order.

  1. The complete description of the operation appears
  2. Additional Information about why the canned job has been recommended is added as well

Techs Document Work Completion

A simple tap on the work order indicating what job has been finished.

It allows the SA to decide about new vehicles to be dispatched to the tech.

Inspection Results for Declined Work shine on the Service Reminder

The automated detection of Declined work on the Inspections Results leverages images and educational Information in the Reminder

All you need to do is configure the canned job as recommended action on the inspection sheet. SmartFlowX does the rest.

In addition, Checklist items will be added, as well ‘future attention’ items from the inspection results.

If the Checklist items have a different due date than the next service reminder, an additional reminder will be sent out (e.g., “Replace Brake Pads” in 60 days).

Last but not least the Campaign Manager can be configured to send campaigns to all overdue services, e.g., every 4 weeks all customers with an overdue BG Transmission service get emailed and/or texted.


TeE-Times work like a Breeze

Techs use TeE-Times configured in AutoVitals on the tablet to indicate non-billable hours.

The payroll can be based On TeE-Times, without the techs needing to clock in on a PC.