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Opportunity or Brand Dilution?

Many shops offer tires in addition to auto repair and preventive maintenance services. It is a service rounding up your shop’s portfolio, leverages the trust motorists have in your shop already and makes it very convenient for them. This is especially important in times when tire stores, which used to be tires only, are trying to break into the auto repair business and attract customers with seemingly cost effective solution for the whole service.

It’s a fact that the number of Google searches for tires and wheels is 5 times higher than ‘auto repair’ in most regions. It seems logical then, that a website optimized to attract and engage motorists searching for tires and wheels will receive much higher traffic  and attract customers who might not  have ‘bumped’ into your shop otherwise. Websites providing tire catalogs are on the rise and by leveraging the potential for higher engagement, they win more customers.

Online Tire Catalog?  Sounds Promising!

It does and it doesn’t. From a website visitor perspective online catalogs offer convenient, easy access to tire information (especially about pricing), but they have a catch:  They put you at the same level as the big box tire stores, whose core values are centered about one thing, low price. In other words, websites with tire catalogues attract price shoppers and could get you competing with big box stores, whose aggressive pricing structure rely on high volume sales. Pricing structures that are probably unattainable for your shop. In addition, tire catalogs with price information and even the ability to order tires on the spot, dilute your branding. Are you a tire center, or an auto repair shop that offers advice on what kind of tire is best for the motorist? You decide.

Attract Motorists and Provide Expert Advice

Our NEWEST AutoVitals innovation enables your website to attract many more motorists with questions about tires and wheels and offers the answers they are looking for.  But, instead of giving them pricing, it enables them to reach out to you by phone or email for your best advice. In addition, the characteristics of the tires are shown in a prominent position emphasizing the quality of your service and discouraging simple price shoppers.

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Once the motorist has dropped the vehicle at your shop, an additional electronic inspection of the vehicle will make sure all topics requiring immediate or future attention will be identified and presented to the motorist in a highly professional manner, so your average RO won’t suffer the drop you might be concerned about when pondering adding a tire service to your portfolio.

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