Avoid discontinuation so techs ALWAYS stay productive

After we discontinued the iPad Mini 1 support, we realized that a new service to maintain the productivity of technicians was needed. We called our partner Apple and came up with a solution we are now ready to offer to all shops.

Introducing the Technician Productivity Warranty Plus!

The following features and benefits are provided by this special service as part of The Digital Shop® program:

  • For $29.99 a month the tablet with the best fit for SmartFlow/SmartCheck at any given time (currently the iPad 6th Gen regular size) is provided to any of your technicians, who otherwise uses a tablet you need to buy at full price during the setup phase when all technicians need one. In addition, although rare, tablets get damaged on a test drive or a car hood drops on them. In summary, peace-of-mind hardware is one less thing you have to worry about.
  • For a contract term of 24 months this tablet leasing program allows technicians to use the best suited tablet,
    • which includes a reliable case suited for the shop environment
    • which will be replaced up to two times in the 24 months for a deductible of $50 each time if any of the following happens to it
      • Drops, spills and malfunction of the software or hardware
        • Needs to be proven to our technical support using the tablet’s serial number
        • The damaged tablet needs to be sent back to us within 30 days for research of the problem
      • Loss and theft is NOT covered*
    • which will be sent back by you at the end of the contract (or you pay $50 each) and replaced by a new one upon renewal of the 24 month agreement

Interested? The productivity warranty provides savings of $572 compared with buying the tablet outright including the need to replace it sooner than anticipated. Please reach out to your AutoVitals product advisor if interested.

*If the tablet gets stolen or lost or it has been replaced already twice during the contract term, a new tablet including case can be ordered for the then current tablet price. The monthly fee still needs to be paid until the end of the contract term.