Best Practice Inquiries with Prompt Responses

Best ways of signing on and get prompt responses:

When joining the forum, please answer three question to get approved. We want to make sure that all Digital Shop Enthusiasts will get the most value from the forum, but it is not limited to AutoVitals customers. The questions are

  • What Shop are you with?
  • What AutoVitals Product do you use?
  • What are your expectations for this forum?

Your are in within minutes and are able to get valuable advice to any of your questions about best practices. See below a typical example for a highly valuable collaboration for Jodi Knopper

Ask your best practice or setup question!

For Technical Problems please use the “Report a Problem” Button 

You can find it on the web portal and on the Tablet.

Once you do, AutoVitals software is collecting automatically additional information to pinpoint the problem. Please do not use the facebook forum for reporting a technical problem, since it can’t be tracked and we will have no additional info about the context of the problem. We will need to delete your post from the forum. Below is a typical example of a problem, which should have been reported by the ‘Report a Problem’ button. Thank you in advance for your understanding.