google driveALWAYS ON!

Have you activated your personal Google Drive to store all inspections results? Hm, then let’s do it now!

You probably have heard of Google Drive. If not, I promise after reading this post you will appreciate it as a tool you wish you knew a long time ago. With our latest implementation, we have made Google Drive your unlimited memory in the “cloud” holding all  your inspection results from now on. No matter whether all AutoVitals employees get hit by a bus or you can’t, for some annoying reason, access your shop specific AutoVitals webpage with your urgently needed inspection results, they will still be accessible in your shop specific Google Drive folder. All you need is a free gmail address. Or a Google Apps for Work email address. If you are a user of our retention service, we have already created one for you, most likely called ‘ServiceTeam@[your shop domain].com’. Just to be clear: from now on, your inspection results are always on, no matter what happens, unless Google and AutoVitals have an outage at the same time. You probably have a higher chance to hit it big in Vegas (and then you don’t need our services anymore).

How the Setup Works - You need to do this only once!

First you set up your shop specific gmail address in AutoVitals. Go to the shop management setup in the inspection settings and enter the gmail address you want to use (not sure, how to create a Google account? go here to find out)

Then you log onto that gmail address and open a second tab and go to the following link http://smartflowviewer.appspot.com/install.php . It is supposed to look like the image below

Press ‘Install” and upon successful installation you have to grant the app access to your Google account. This is very important, do not cancel that pop up! See below the image with the ‘Accept’ button YOU HAVE TO PRESS for the whole thing to work.

You will then see a video run showing you how to make the SmartFlow Viewer a default application. That guarantees that no annoying pop up from Google appears, which asks how to view those strange documents in your inspection results folder. Have you done it by now? Please hurry and then come back to read the exciting next steps below.

After maximally 12 hours, when all inspection results are copied over to your Google Drive, please you check your inbox of the gmail address and spot the email from GoogleDrive@AutoVitalsInc.com,  which wants to share the folder with the inspection results with you. Click “Open”

Then you see folder content and click on “Add to Drive”

It turns into an ‘Open’ button and when pressed all inspection results files are readily available. We recommend to use the list view for better navigation.

This step concludes the Setup Process.


How EASY it is to use


When you go to your Google Drive and expand “My Drive” you will find one folder with the name of your shop

Clicking on it gives you a flat list of all inspection results done in your shop.

“Why are there no folders?” you might ask.

Answer: There are way too many different types to sort the inspection results by: date, vehicle, technician, complete or incomplete, RO # etc. etc.

Introducing the power of Google Search. As you might have experienced already, Google Search makes folders obsolete. As long as you know what you are looking for, Google Search will get you all documents meeting your search criteria.

It is that simple. And since we have introduced a preview of every inspection result (see image below), you can search for anything, which is either in the title of the document or visible in the preview.

For example, the image below shows all inspection results performed by technician “Jaime”.

Then you select the individual inspection result and double-click it. The SmartFlow Viewer starts processing the result in a few seconds and voila, you will get the inspection results. You can print or email them.

inspection result

The email sends a link to the inspection results, which can be viewed on any internet device and adjusts automatically to the size of the screen of your customer’s smartphone. See below for two different rendering options; 1 – desktop, 2 – smartphone, automatically detected. The print button allows to print, even from a smartphone, if set up. Just imagine someone’s daughter’s car is in your shop and you email the results to the daughter, but her dad has to approve. All she needs to do is print it at the home printer where her dad is in that moment. Cool, isn’t it?