job done one tile

Navigate the Tech View Faster

Many of you have to manage more than 5 technicians and more than 50 vehicles simultaneously. The tech view make sure you and your service advisors know at any time what technician is working on what vehicles and what the status of completion is.

Your life has become a little easier. We have implemented the following new beneficial features for the TechView only:

All Workstations show the same Tech View

The Tech View displays only one sorting order from now on and it is the “Drag ‘n Drop” one. This allows two benefits

  1. All work stations in the shop will show the exact same order per technician column
  2. All tablets will reflect the exact order of vehicles as shown on the Tech View for the technician in question.

That means any move of a vehicle will be reflected on the techs’ tablet assigned to the vehicle and the Tech View on all workstations.

Did you get lost and want to reset the order? Just hit the “Initial Order” button, marked with “1” below in the image. The initial order is always “Promised Time”.

tech view job done

In addition the vehicle tile will be dimmed for the technician, who has finished the work on the vehicle. In the image above Robert has finished already the jobs (3), but there are still 2 jobs unfinished for another tech(2).

The Workflow View shows still the same behavior  and no dimmed vehicles when complete are visible. Tiles on the workflow view are only dimmed when the service advisor filter is used.