Vehicle pick-up is a critical touchpoint with the customer because they will be particularly receptive to new information about their vehicle. During this time, there are several key actions that should be done by the Service Advisor:

  • Review work performed
  • Review declined services
  • Review recommendations for next visit
  • Schedule the next visit
  • Prepare the customer for the next communication (survey email, callback, etc.)
  • Review recommended maintenance schedule
  • Provide education information (brochures, images, etc.)


While the customer is picking up their vehicle, the Service Advisor has the opportunity to critically engage with them. When in the workflow view of your Today’s Vehicles Page, your Service Advisors should select the calendar icon on the vehicle tile. This allows you to plan the next visit and will also remove the vehicle from your TVP.

SF TVP next appt window

  • Here, the Service Advisor can address all of the ‘Service Recommendations’ while the customer is at the pick-up window.
  • They can go into detail about any specific issue that the customer is unclear on.
  • Motorists will have to spend more time at the counter.

When the Service Advisor clicks on the ‘Service Recommendations’, a list of OEM Recommendations for the next service interval appears in a pop-up window:

SF TVP oem recs

  • Service Advisors should review these OEM service recommendations for the vehicle with the customer while they are at the pick-up window.
  • The Service Advisor should then check the boxes for jobs that should be done at the next visit.
  • Last, the Service Advisor should hit “OK” and schedule the next appointment.
  • This takes some time on the part of the Service Advisor who might also need to answer questions from the customer.

The critical success factors for an effective retention process are:

  • Review the OEM Recommendations needed at the next service with the customer.
  • Explain any jobs that the motorist is unclear about.
  • Schedule the next visit while the customer is at the vehicle pick-up counter.

The following factors are negative effects of reviewing recommendations with the motorist:

  • The Service Advisor must invest time in reviewing this with the customer.
  • The motorist spends more time at the pick-up counter.

Our Recommendation:

If your shop invests the Service Advisor manpower, reviewing OEM Recommendations at Pick-up is extremely beneficial to the customer and the shop.