• During the Onboarding process shop implementers have now the ability to opt-in all customers for texting at once. In addition, by default, all customers not opted-in yet will be asked to opt-in at drop-off of their vehicle. See below how it is presented to you when onboarding.
    Note that customers will receive the opt-in within the time range you have defined in step 3 in the image above.

  • About 4 weeks after signing up, the software will check whether important features are turned on, which boost digital communication with your customers. The software will then prompt to the implementer a screen as shown below to make sure all available options are used.
    Digital Shop Onboarding
    Note that triggering the mass opt-in will not be sent to customers already opted-in (or out) and not to the customers, whose vehicles are on the TVP at the time of opt-in since they have received that text already before.