With the increasing usage of the web for appointment requests – especially on the weekend and after hours – we have added a list of features, which make it more convenient and compelling to request an appointment. AutoVitals Clients can find more details here, or click below to read more.

  1. Visitors of collision shop websites can now request an estimate and upload images for the shop to see and respond to.
  2. Service Advisors and Shop Owners can now author text in their MyShop menu, which, once submitted, will immediately appear as scrolling text on the appointment form. Additionally, you can author a second text for the mobile website to be shown in a very prominent space. Use it for promotional messages, useful information about how you want to be contacted, and much more.
  3. You can also configure your appointment request form so that both phone number and email address are mandatory (please use this feature with caution, as some visitors may be turned off to revealing too much information)
  4. Download a retention analysis report, which will give you information about your success rate in retaining customers. You’ll be in for a surprise, I promise.
  5. In case you use QuickTrac, the leading technician and service advisor productivity tool, we just eliminated duplicate entries for YES and Mitchell1 users.

We are confident that these features are valuable to you and your customers. Please let us know by responding to this post about how else we can help!