The Most Effective WorkFlow Integration in the Industry

With the addition of the Time Clock integration, the Techs use the SmartFlow app on the tablet at the vehicle and the Service Advisor monitors the techs’ performance in real-time at the counter. The work order is updated upon button push on the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP). It is that simple.

Weekly Revenue per SA can be doubled, too good to be true?

Service Advisor Efficiency is one of the most overlooked Performance Metric

The use of service packages on the inspection sheet and in the PoS combined with the direct integration between Protractor and AutoVitals’ tools creates the most explosive tool suite in the industry. And the setup is simple.

See below for how one shop increased their ARO by 58% through SmartFlowX and their weekly revenue by 81% without hiring an additional Service Advisor. A new production manager has been hired to manage the work. Thanks to the combination of SmartFlowX and Protractor this incredible improvement was possible.

Inspection Results pushed to Work Order

No Need for separate Inspection management in Protractor.

Deferred Work from Inspections are added to Reminders

Do you have impactful pics showing the problem area the deferred work fill fix? We will remind your customers.

Open/close WOs in SmartFlow. Simple.

Instead of walking back and forth between a PC and the vehicle, techs just use the tablet and document progress. We update Protractor on button press.

Tech Notes land on the WO footer

Want techs additional notes right on the work order? We add them to the footer.

Techs' Recs become Jobs on the Work Order

The WO is auto-populated with all tech findings. On button press. Simple.

Techs Document Work Completion on Tablet

Service Advisors use Protractors scheduler for appointments. Our integration makes sure it is updated in real-time.

TeE-Times works like a breeze

Techs mark lunch, training, and unbilled hours on the tablet. We write back to Protractor by click of one button (“WO Update” or “Done for Today”).

Conversion from other PoS made easy

We preserve the service history for reminders even if Protractor doesn’t.

Inspections are Pushed to the Work Orders

Press a button on the TVP and the Inspection Results appear on the Work Order

Whether you send the inspection with the work order or individually, your customers will approve work based on impactful pictures.

Techs’ Recs Appear on the Work Order

All Service Packages are imported to SmartFlow and can be added as recommended action. Once tapped by the tech they appear on the Work Order.

  1. The complete description of the Service Package (SP) appear
  2. Additional Information about why the SP has been recommended is added as well (optional)

Techs Document Work Completion

A simple tap on the work order indicating what job has been finished, will automatically updated in Protractor. 

The benefit is that the Protractor Scheduler gets updated automatically and allows the SA to decide about new appointments to be accepted.

Inspection Results for Deferred Work shine on the Service Reminder

The automated detection of deferred work on the Inspections Results leverages images and educational Information in the Reminder

All you need to do is configure the service package as recommendd action on the inspection sheet.

Service History stays on after Conversion

Protractor’s CRM is based on Deferred Service Packages your previous PoS didn’t have. Once your database is imported, typically the service reminders don’t include the previous due/overdue recommendations. The Digital Shop concept avoids that.

If you are an existing AutoVitals customer the service reminders include all due and overdue servcies from the previous PoS until the customer comes in for the next visit. No interuption of servcie.

TeE-Times work like a Breeze

Techs use TeE-Times configured in Protractor on the tablet to indicate non-billable hours.

The complete payroll can be done in Protractor for the whole staff, without the techs needing to clock in on a PC running Protractor.

Open/Close WO in the SmartFlow App

Turn on the option in your Inspection Settings and Techs only need to keep the work order open on the tablet while working on the vehicle. SmartFlow is writing back tech specific worked hours per work order to Protractor.

It doesn’t matter how many tech work on one work order. The worked hours are calculated automatically.

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