• AutoVitals focuses on value for you and your customers by providing innovative solutions. It leverages wide spread internet technology, such as Google for work, Google Drive, mobile web browsers and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. We have been releasing software at a high pace with user interfaces for new features and benefits based on our research and your feedback.
  • In this process we need to adjust the measures for reliability and usability. The immediate focus is on a stable TVP2.0 and the Google Drive based application for viewing inspection results on devices of any size and storing the results in a gmail or Google for work account of your choosing.
  • For the TVP2.0, our work and testing in the past few days makes us highly confident that you can rely on it when starting your work week on August 29.
  • The Google Drive based application has been made more robust for scalability, but will be monitored for the impact of high volume usage. After a re-design of the underlying architecture we are now confident to release a new version on September 11 including extensive monitoring in the week prior. 

Until then the inspection results will be provided in PDF format only.

  • To email with PDF – instructions here
  • To email with Google Drive once ready – instructions here
  • In order to provide the best balance of reliability moving forward, future releases will be tested with a selected pilot group of approx. 20-30 shop owners using a special software on tablet and website, which are separate from the mainstream software and don’t influence it. The release into the mainstream will be performed based on that group’s feedback, and our visits to these pilot shops. It is expected to be on a 3 month cycle. If you want to be part of the pilot group, please let us know through Facebook messenger to Oova at AutoVitals or reach out to your AutoVitals product advisor.