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Performance Increase and new Features

The following new features have been released in the 3.9.51 for iOS initially

  • New dropdown implementation to increase performance on the tablet after iOS11 upgrades slowed down operations
  • Images, which have been taken by other applications on the same tablet or have been downloaded to the tablet, can now be added to the inspection result or work order

The following bugs/shortcomings have been fixed

  • VIN decoder in low light
  • Intermittent crashes when saving a recorded video
  • black screen when reviewing videos



Add images from the camera roll:

  1. Entering the camera mode (pressing camera button on work order or inspection sheet)
  2. Click the ‘+’ button
  3. Select the album and then the image form the album to be inserted
  4. done
Current Process


Currently, any 3rd party images have to be captured with the camera and although this is very easy, the quality of presentation might suffer.


Best Practice


Typical 3rd party images to import are

  • alignment images
  • battery tester
  • infrared applications
  • boroscope
  • etc.


Quantified Benefits


Motorists will see highly professional images of the conditions of their vehicle and approve more work.


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