We are excited to announce the release of our new SmartFlow App on Saturday, Dec 1st. The new version will be available on The App Store & Google Play, below you can find direct links to the download page which can be sent over to the tablets. Since the last release, we have made changes in order to improve performance, increase reliability, and to stabilize outstanding issues


Additionally, the AutoVitals Team would like to give a special thanks to all of the shops who switched to turbo in order to confirm that our changes were successful.



Release Notes 

  • Performance improvements
    • Faster performance in opening vehicle, opening inspection, & reviewing images
  • Partial refactoring to eliminate data loss/mix, log outs, and crashes
  • Re-implemented FailSafe mechanism for increased reliability
  • Intermittent VIN scanning crash eliminated
  • Duplicate jobs prevention check added
  • Re-implemented Job Timers for increased reliability
  • “Please Wait” message UX changes
    • Minimizes pop-up time and frequency
  • Measurement fields populates numerical keyboard


*Please ensure that ALL SmartFlow Apps are deleted from the device before installing*



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