SA-Bill-oval-200Email, Text, Push Notification – Right Here and Now

SmartFlow offers multiple ways to communicate with the motorists when you want to

  • Send them the inspection results and estimate
  • Make sure they know that the vehicle is ready for pick up
  • Remind them that Loyalty Points can be used for payment
  • or a simple email about  requested information

Lets take a look at the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP) how easy it is to start a message. The image below shows a vehicle tile with two markers 1 and 2. Marker 1 signals that the promised date and/or time has been approached or exceeded and appropriate actions can be taken.

communicate with motorists

Clicking on Marker 2 show the universal communication center for the service advisor to send messages. The first tab shows what ways of communications are already available or can be activated by the service advisor.

communication setup

Can you see that only the email address is available? No problem, with the customer at the counter or on the phone all other ways can be activated. Our mobile application MyCarVitals allows even for push notifications.

Creating or selecting a canned message is as easy as clicking on ‘Notify Customer‘, select the message type and the channel (email or text or push notification), edit the message and hit the send button. Easy.

sending message

Note that some of the features are only available in conjunction with our retention program, i.e. the Mobile Application, Loyalty Point Program and  Rescheduling Appointments.