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Increase Approval Rate and Communication with Photo Captions

Technicians and Service Advisors make Inspection Reports More Effective

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but words can turn pictures into the most effective way of educating the motorists about the conditions of their vehicle. Both Techs and Service Advisors have the ability to edit those captions and motorists will see promptly what pictures have annotations and click on them for more details.



The Technician Takes Photos and Adds Captions

First things first, let’s start at Step 1 and take pictures just as usual on the Tablet. You will see a new notes icon on the Photo Viewer. It follows the same rules as any note on the tablet. The text before zzz is for shop eyes only, the texts after zzz if for customers eyes.

picture with notes

The Service Advisor Adds/Modify Captions

The image below shows the additional fields available to add/modify captions for the service advisor. Note that images with a red circle/arrow will create a copy and both the original and copy will contain the notes.

As the image below shows

SmartFlow photo caption


Motorists’ Attention is Drawn to Annotated Photos

Check in the image below how motorists see the “i” on inspection result as part of the thumbnail indicating more information per photo. Clicking or tapping on it will open the full image with the photo caption visible.

photo caption for motorist

Current Process

In the current process all additional information is part of the wording in observation  and/or action and can’t be made image specific.

Best Practice

We recommend using the Photo Caption in complex cases, such as

  • The image doesn’t indicate clearly the malfunction or mint condition
  • The image has arrows and circles indicating a specific problem, and the caption will explain the problem


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