I have been asked by shop owners and industry experts alike, how it would be possible to make Google rankings and reviews tangible.
So tangible that a decision to invest in SEO, a website, review collection etc. can be justified and tailored to the shop’s needs.

Before I do that, lets have a look at why Google is so important. Just follow the trend comparing Yellow Pages and Google Maps as search items in the image below between 2004 and today. Do I need to say more about why Google search should not be overlooked for local businesses?


Now let’s set the baseline for a realistic look at the power of Google Search. Although not an easy task, since trillions of factors influence the numbers – which influence you as local business owner – I was looking over our stats and zeroed in on a virtual area, representing “most likely town”.
In “most likely town” live approximately 60,000 people driving 20,000 vehicles every day to work. The commuter traffic in and out of town is balanced out, the median household income is about $50k and the age profile looks as shown below. There is a healthy portion of 25-55 year olds, but also some college students, all of who use the internet regularly.


Second, I took the number of our search database for similar towns and selected a few shops, where we measure website traffic, appointment requests through the shops’ websites, and track phone numbers. I determined how websites and business listings, which are not highly ranked stack up against well optimized websites, and I compared those two with websites and listings. All of these meet the criteria of a highly ranked, highly reputatable web presence.

Voila, the results are in and here they are (please click on the image to make all details visible):


I am interested in your feedback and what numbers you normally experience.
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PS: As I was digging through the stats, I found one exceptional graphic that I don’t want to hide. It is from a Google Places account for a client we started with recently and shows the daily impressions of the business listing and website on Google. It is a bigger town than “most likely town”. Enjoy