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Assigning and Messaging the Techs is Easy now

Two new changes have been introduced with this release.

  1. On the Workflow View the vehicle can now be moved between the workflow steps. Just drag the vehicle with mouse or finger on a touch screen and move it to the right workflow step. The vehicle to be moved down a position will pulse visibly so you can make sure it is the right one.
  2. On the Tech View the vehicle can now be assigned to a technician by a simple drag and drop
  3. Messaging the techs is now possible directly from the vehicle tile.
  4. The Service Advisor’s Initials are visible on the vehicle tile in both views, the Workflow and Tech View.

The new chat icon is now present in both views as well. In addition the tech alert window allows you to chat back to the technician right from the alert.

tech alert (1)

And when you get a message it will indicate this by the indicator visible on this page on the right.

 In the Tech View the assignment of the technician(s) can be done with drag and drop now. If the vehicle has no assigned tech and is in the ‘No Tech’ column, a simple Drag and Drop to the technician performing all or the majority of the jobs will assign them automatically. A pop up will ask you whether the assignment should be changed or not. A simple close or using the drop down for changes of one or more jobs makes it super easy. check the video below


In addition vehicles can be moved from one tech to the other. If the column the vehicle is dragged from belongs to a ‘real’ tech (and not the ‘No Tech’) then no automated assignment is done, you use the drop down to assign the right tech to the right job.

In the Workflow view you will find two more changes:

  • The Workflow advancement button has been replaced by a Dollar bill. The feature behind this button is under wraps for now. Stay tuned, but I promise you will like it a lot!
  • The Service Advisor can chat with the technicians also from the Workflow View page now. No matter how many techs are assigned to that vehicle.

sa initials in wfv







Last but not least, on the technician view, once the technician has submitted a vehicle, a red arrow appears in the lower right corner, which allows the Service Advisor to advance the vehicle to the workflow step.

technician view workflow advanccment










In case you still want to set the next workflow state on the Tech View Page, click on the work order button (wrench and gear) and use the drop down in the upper right corner to advance

work order switch


Stay tuned for more user interface improvements.