302240-google-maps-mobile-web-app-for-iphone-iconIndeed, I finally upgraded my iPhone to iOS6. Concerned business owners, who are asking how their business can be featured on Apple Maps can sleep well at night. Google Maps arrived as app in the App Store and even Google says that is better than the Android version.

I have to agree, I really like it. And it makes clear again, how important a mobile website is, just  download  the app and start navigating.



The first screen shows your location and you can set what kind of map you want to use:


Type in your search (here “ATG”) and you see the location and the review rating  right away. Grab the review bar and push it up and you see all the important business details.


Tapping the website URL  takes you directly to the mobile website, if your business is promoted on one.

Really easy and straight forward. Mobile devices are used on the go, you should check whether your website is easy to navigate and provides  the information conveniently. Below you see a comparison between a website not optimized for mobile (a German restaurant) and a website optimized for mobile (with scrolling promotional text). Tapping on the phone number calls the business. Easy and convenient, just as motorists want it.