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Turbo 12/02/2018 New Features

The following new features have been implemented for the shops on the turbo line:

Customer (Motorist) Communication

  1. The Reminders have received a better navigation between recommended work from inspection results
  2. Several text messages in a row can be clearly distinguished by the motorist
  3. The name of the assigned SA shows in messages to customers when using the brand manager
  4. Even when the communication preferences have not been changed by the motorist, submitting them gives feedback to customers

Service Advisor benefits

  1. Performance improvement when loading Inspection results on the TVP
  2. Three New Workflow steps have been added to manage better future appointments and No Shows
  3. Images have now a visible timestamp in the preview and photo editor, especially to make the use of the carry-forward feature more efficient
  4. Replying to Reviews has been streamlined
  5. If a vehicle is moved to the approval step, the pop up to send the inspection results also shows the work order content in a separate tab



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