All Updates for TVP.X, AutoVitals.X and TVP-Legacy

  1. (TVP.X): Chats and Alerts are displayed even if inactivity on the TVP.X has logged the user out (see featured image of the article above).

  2. (TVP.X): The TVP.X is usable on tablets as well, the software will automatically apply a zoom factor of 0.8 – 0.9 to regular size Ipads to accommodate for the missing resolution.

  3. (TVP.X): On the TechView, the contrast on the banner has been increased for better detection of tech names

  4. (TVP.X): The BCP has the email/text opt-in rate added as an influential KPI for the Retention Rate. In addition, the BCP header shows now the values for important settings impacting the success of your shop (see below for an image and explanation)
    – Mass Opt-in: Yes/No indicates whether all customers have been asked to opt-in for texting, or only the opt-in at drop-off is performed
    – WF notifications: Yes/No indicates whether Workflow Notifications to the customer are sent
    – Thank You email/text Yes/No indicates whether Thank You emails/text are sent at 8:00 PM or close-out of the Work Order
    – Shop Guided: Yes/No indicates whether all users in the shop use the guided mode for inspections
    – Mandatory Topics: # indicates the number of all mandatory topics on all inspection sheets defined.

  5. (TVP.X): The legacy inspection results viewer will be deprecated with the next release and replaced by the redesigned one including the audit feature.

  6. (TVP.X): Issues you might have reported and have been solved will be communicated directly to you. Please check your open issues list in the AV Tech Support chat.

  7. (AutoVitals.X): the version 6.0.74 has been released on 09/05 with dozens of new features and bugfixes. Please make sure you update your tablets, if you haven’t done so yet.