How Sterling Auto Repair’s Team benefited from hiring a business coach while using SmartFlow

Although AutoVitals has tremendous experience in training shops on best practices for The Digital Shop, we are not a business-coaching company nor is that our intention in strategy. Our formula is instead, to combine the best-in-class experience the business coaches in the industry have to offer with our product expertise. This expertise not only helps the shop to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI), it also simplifies the work of a coach, so they can focus on the coaching aspect, while we provide the KPI monitoring built-into the product.

This article summarizes a case study we conducted in tandem with Elite Worldwide. It is designed to demonstrate how successful a shop owner is, who combines SmartFlow with business coaching.

Owner:                  Eric Foyil
Business:             Sterling Auto Repair
Services:              Truck,  Auto, and Diesel Repair in Jackson, CA

Shop Profile: # of Bays: 12    Techs: 4     Servicer Advisors: 2

Elite Coach:          Frank Scandura
Product:                SmartFlow
Product Advisor: Matthew Avalos


  1. Using SmartFlow for over 12 months, the last 9 months were dedicated to grow from a 5 picture per vehicle policy to a 15 picture per vehicle policy, to 80% email collection, an 80% inspection rate, a 10-recommended- actions-per-vehicle policy and 80% emailed inspection results.
    The trend graphs below show how the first three goals have been achieved over time.
  2. Despite technician attrition in Feb/March 2016 the ARO has been improved from
    $550-$600 in July/August 2015 to now $680-$740
  3. The billed hours per RO increase continually.                                        
  4. Coaching with Elite has allowed Eric to increase his profit, work through the buyout of a partner, and grow the company by adding technicians, a new service adviser and plans for additional growth next year. By learning how to read his KPI’s Eric can now compare with owners running similar shops and have a clear understanding about the trends, something he could not do before he was being coached. Eric lowered car counts, increased parts profit, labor efficiency, company moral and is now working on the business, not in it.

We congratulate Eric to this amazing accomplishments.  If you want to find out more details about Eric’s path and how you could achieve best results with the winning formula, please contact Elite at 1-800-204-3548 and AutoVitals at (866) 949 2848. Please refer to this blog post as reference.

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