One of the most effective ways to illustrate complex issues is by using images or videos, accompanied by a brief but crisp description of the issue. Having to explain the details of a malfunctioning car part can often be made highly effective, simply by sending the image pointing out the problem, or even contrasting it with one showing a properly functioning part.

Additionally, a student’s parent or a third party person trusted by the car owner needs to be involved in the decision about the repair proposed by the service advisor. Thus, the better the documentation about the issue at hand the more effective and reliable the decision-making process. What if the technician, who uncovered the problem during the inspection, could just take a picture with his cellphone and make it available to the service advisor – to be easily sent to the car owner?

We  made exactly this available to all AutoVitals shops. The  technician takes the picture with his cell or smart phone and enters the license plate number as subject line of the message. Then he sends it to send@pic2TVP.com, and the service advisor will have the picture attached to the vehicle in question on the Today’s Vehicle Page .

He can add more information for the car owner as image description, print the estimate so it gets attached to the vehicle, and click on “Email Estimate”.


The car owner, and if needed – more recipients – will receive the email with the estimate and picture so that a decision can be made quickly with all the important information at hand. A few clicks made it happen, no uploading from the camera, no finding the image on the hard disk, no attaching it to the email etc.

Try it and let us know how it works for you!

BTW, car owners can use this feature in reverse as well. They can just take a picture of the problem they are concerned about, add the license plate number of the car as subject or first line of the text and might add “in [x] days” to request the appointment in x days.

Leave out “in [x] days” and the appointment will be requested for the next business day. Send the email to pic2shop@AutoVitals.com and the confirmation will be received within 15 minutes.

Easy, isn’t it?

Please let me know how you like it and whether it simplifies your life.

See you back here soon.

Uwe (Oova)

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