Service advisors use AutoVitals’ dashboard to get real-time feedback on their Customer Relationship Management stats.

Thus, they can make sure the electronic link to car owners is used effectively and for the benefit of both the customer and the shop.

Mitch Schneider – long time industry expert, shop owner, book author, and writer of many inspiring industry magazine articles – invites service advisors to engage in a conversation and exchange recipes for success adjusted to the individual shop situation, based on these stats.

Mitch's Tip

The stats monitored concern email address collections rates, the customer satisfaction index, review activity and appointments made at pick-up and many more.

We listed below a selected group of initial questions and answers between Mitch and service advisors in the AutoVitals network.


“What would you tell another shop owner if they asked what you were doing to achieve the success you are enjoying?”

I would tell them we are a yes company.  Most shops think they are yes companies – but they are not – they schedule in oil changes when it’s convenient for the shop and not for the customer.  In my opinion that is a no.  Also, it’s important to take in every small job like batteries and flat tires.  If you take care of someone’s flat tire, then they will remember you when they need service done. We have increased our sales 20% from 2009 just by saying yes to every customer.

“You must be using a variety of advertising channels. Please let me know what is working best for you.”

Our three top sources are referrals, yellow pages and the internet (courtesy of AutoVitals).  We get many customers who say they saw all our reviews and wanted to give us a try.  Most turn out to be really high-quality customers.

“Have you tried to schedule at pick-up? If you have, what is the reason your customers most often opt for NOT scheduling at that time?”

We are trying a different approach with scheduling the next appt.  We are asking for the appt when we contact them on the phone to tell them there vehicle is done.  We have had about the same success rate with the face to face.  But we see more people will make the appt when we have called them and when they come to pick up the vehicle, they will say “Now, I have decided to make my next appt.”.

“When you try to encourage more customers to leave a review what response are you getting?”

Customers appear very pleased with the AutoVitals service. It seems to work well and is comparable to msn.autos.com and other online auto programs..


Isn’t it interesting? I really appreciate when car owners are given enough time to think about the commitment for the next appointment, based on the shop’s recommendation. It takes any (perceived) pressure out and ultimately minimizes the number of ‘No Shows’ .

What is your experience as a service advisor or car owner about the does and dont’s of interaction, electronically or at the counter?

Happy New Year and ‘Be There or Be Triangle”

Uwe (Oova)

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