What’s new in the latest SmartFlow app update?

  • Support for Failsafe Mode
  • Fast Respose for selected recommended actions
  • Recommended jobs from your shop management sytem
  • Increased character limit for technician notes

Recommended Jobs



Technicians often need to reference the list of jobs that have been recommended to the motorist stored in the shop management system. Now these recommendations can be compared directly with the vehicle service history on the tablet, saving more time for the technician. The following shop managenemt systems are supported:

  • RO Writer
  • Mitchell1
  • ALLDATA Manage
  • WinWorks
  • YES
  • MaxxTraxx

Increased Character Limit

Technician notes on the worksheet and inspection sheet can now be up to 4000 characters long so there is plenty of room for parts lists and diagnostic informaiton.


  • Job line timers on the worksheet could keep running after selecting the stop button