Service Advisor Huddle, July 2015

Patrick Egan, Neil Reilly- Shapiro

Learning from other’s success stories can be hugely beneficial to your own SmartFlow experience. This month we have a group of panelists consisting of Bill Connor, Joe Hanson, Theresa Johnson, Scott Meyers, and Dave Murphy who join us to share their experiences with setting up a network, building work counters, and increasing productivity. The huddle also focus on how each shop owner was able to get the techs to use the tablets and integrate them into their work habits.  Through their experiences and tips, you will be able to see how you can make SmartFlow and EIS the most effective in your shop.

Check out the highlights of this months huddle. For more information, the full 1 hour version can be seen below!

To hear the panelist’s input on the best practices for techs and the counter, please watch the full version of the Service Advisor Huddle below:

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