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Motorists use mobile devices.

Mobile Applications provide a better user experience than mobile websites AND can be used as notifier for any kind of information you would like your customers to know. It is called push notification and works like text messaging, since the app doesn’t need to run for the notification to work. In addition, one tap gets the user into the mobile app to experience the specific purpose of the application, which is much richer than an ordinary text message. Click on the image to the left to check out a flyer for motorists, how it could be placed on your counter. It is branded for a given shop and the app can be downloaded easily from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Introducing MyCarVitals for iPhone and Android Phones.

Motorists have their personal car assistant in the palm of their hand, provided by you, their trusted shop, powered by AutoVitals.
MyCarVitals is an app branded for your shop. It shows service recommendations personalized by you in your shop management software, and it provides the information for their specific vehicle(s). It displays the promotions you want to run after you have it set up in AutoVitals and delivers a push notification as well as item to be added to the next visit. Click the image below to see more screenshots of the app and details how it works.

Mobile AutoVitals Application

Or you can try it yourself by scanning the QR code belowqr code

and use the welcome code B5FGT14D to enter a demo account.





How to promote Mobile Apps to motorists is a question we are beeing asked a lot.

We offer three different ways of promoting, all of which can be done individually or combined. Check it out in the brochure below. Just click on the image to find out!


Below is one example, how motorists see a service reminder on their phone. In this case the owner of three vehicles is asked to launch the app and check the 12 service recommended (click on the image to enlarge)

service reminder on the smart phone

Happy Mobile Browsing!