Service Advisor Huddle, September 2015

 Neil Reilly- Shapiro, Lindsay Sinopoli

Working with dozens of shops like yours led us to develop a method that eliminates lots of initial hurdles techs and service advisors might encounter during the transition from paper to SmartFlow. The amazing results is a well tested Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The SOP has tons of input from shops that have done more than 8000 inspections and really have it down.  In this huddle, Lindsay Sinopoli goes into details how the SOP works and what the benefits are.

Check out the highlights of the SOP run through. For more information, the full version can be seen below!

To hear how the Standard Operating Procedure can be beneficial,  please watch the full version of the Service Advisor Huddle below:

To follow along with Lindsay through the Standard Operating Procedure, click here.

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