All Updates for TVP.X, AutoVitals.X and TVP-Legacy

  1. (TVP.X): The number of Production Managers has been limited to 1, and in addition, a proxy can be defined. Note that all shops with more than one PM defined have either been configured as main and proxy if the number of PMs was 2 or PM mode has been switched back to no PM if the number of PMs was more than 2. Click here for more details.

  2. (TVP.X): Inspections images and captions can now be audited. The audit feature has been added to the NEW inspection results viewer. The existing inspection results viewer will be deprecated within 4 weeks. Click here for more details.

  3. (TVP.X): TVP.X load times have been reduced for higher performance.

  4. (TVP.X): All motorists are being asked to opt-in for text messaging as soon as they drop off their vehicle and have not opted in or out before.

  5. (TVP.X): During Onboarding of new shops the mass text opt-in can be switched on/off. In conjunction with other configurations, the implementer will be reminded to switch on all features boosting digital communication with customers. Click here for more details.

  6. (TVP.X): The demo shop for training purposes now offers a direct comparison between TVP legacy features and how they have been turned into TVP.X features. Got TVPx.autovitals.com/demo and use username DEMOSHOP and password user1 to test it.

  7. (AutoVitals.X): We are testing the new version with selected shops, which will eliminate the white screen some of you are experiencing. We expect to roll it out to with 09/12 release or earlier.