Service Advisor Huddles

Retention and SmartFlow Release

In this Huddle we discuss the new features that have come out this month and how important your feedback is. Through your comments and concerns on our Facebook page, we can improve and adjust the features you use daily.

Call Conversions

Being able to listen to past phone calls with customers can help improve customer service and converting leads to customers. In this service advisor huddle, we talk about tracking phone numbers and listening to conversations in our TopFuel product and how to use that to help your shop increase productivity and sell more services.

Smart Markers

Our Service Advisor huddles are here to educate our customers about different SmartFlow features and this month it was all about Smart Markers. These markers can help automate and speed the inspection process by having configured canned jobs.

SmartFlow Reports Enable Positive Changes

One of the most important components of every shop, is how well technicians and service advisors work together. And AutoVitals has created the first report assessing the efficiency and productivity of your team members! SmartFlow reports show the teamwork amongst the technicians and service advisors and can be easily measured and adapted to help the shop become more successful.

SmartFlow and NAPA Tracs

SmartFlow is not just a product, but a digital way of doing business. Our experienced Digital Operations Trainers and SmartFlow Experts explain how SmartFlow can improve your shop process, efficiency and profitability. This Service Advisor huddle focuses on NAPA Tracs and answers questions that our clients ask daily.

Tips and Tricks from Onsite Trainers

Our onsite trainers have been around the country at different shops to individualize the Standard Operating Procedure and show how their shop can be the most productive. In this huddle, Lindsay and Tim give tips and tricks from their personal experiences on how to make SmartFlow work the best for you.

Inspect ALL your vehicles

To get the most out of the SmartFlow features, it is important to have a 100% Inspection Policy. There is a clear trend between having a 100% inspection policy and having a higher RO. What many don’t know, is that taking pictures during the inspection can make a critical difference. Our Product Advisor Neil Reilly- Shapiro explains why taking pictures of the vehicle during the inspection makes such a difference. He also goes into detail about our onsite training opportunities and gives an important tip about the inspection kit that our onsite trainers highly recommend.

SmartFlow SOP Review

Working with dozens of shops like yours led us to develop a method that eliminates lots of initial hurdles techs and service advisors might encounter during the transition from paper to SmartFlow. The amazing results is a well tested Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The SOP has tons of input from shops that have done more than 8000 inspections and really have it down. In this huddle, Lindsay Sinopoli goes into details how the SOP works and what the benefits are.

The Power of Images

Having the ability to show your customers images of their vehicles can make all the difference in selling a recommendation. Through the new update in our SmartFlow 2.0 Today’s Vehicle Page, including pictures in your inspection is easier than ever. In this huddle we explain how it is done in addition to rolling out our brand new Service Advisor script. Lindsay Sinopoli, one of our product advisors and experienced Service Advisor gives out the secrets on how to successfully use our script to have strong communication and a long lasting relationship with your customers.

Best Practices for Techs & The Counter Huddle

Learning from other’s success stories can be hugely beneficial to your own SmartFlow experience. This month we have a group of panelists consisting of Bill Connor, Joe Hanson, Theresa Johnson, Scott Meyers, and Dave Murphy who join us to share their experiences with setting up a network, building work counters, and increasing productivity. The huddle also focus on how each shop owner was able to get the techs to use the tablets and integrate them into their work habits. Through their experiences and tips, you will be able to see how you can make SmartFlow and EIS the most effective in your shop.